Words of Wisdom From My Parents

January 19, 2020

January 19, 2020

My mom and dad; my heroes; my favorite people in the whole world.

I am inspired by them each and every day and am so proud of everything they are. They established their triumphs as powerful individuals, stemmed from their amazing creativity and hard work. Not only that, but they managed to raise a pair of pretty rambunctious twins while doing so.

I am so lucky to have them as my parents and I strive to be as great as them one day.

They have both taught me many important lessons throughout my life, but I asked them to sum up some life lessons and what has shaped them into the incredible people they are today:

Be ready – you never know when an opportunity will present itself. When an opportunity came along, my goal was always to be prepared to grab it. By giving my all – all of the time – having energy and enthusiasm, and being prepared and having the experience, I felt ready and not frightened to grab whatever came along. However, working people can get so busy and stressed that sometimes we don’t appreciate and enjoy the small, simple things that we take for granted. The simplest pleasures in life – sharing a meal, taking a walk, watching a movie or catching a sunset can be life’s most underrated pleasures. Especially when you do them with people you care about.

– Shelli Segal, Mom


At the age of 23 I traveled to Europe, and over the years I have visited many countries and have had the opportunity to meet people from many different cultures. My eyes and mind were opened to a new world, new experiences and new knowledge. I had to rethink a lot of what I was taught earlier on. My advice to you is – go travel, meet (and make friends) with people from other cultures, open your eyes and ears, open your mind, and your life will be enriched in immeasurable ways, something no school can ever give you… and the world will be a more peaceful place.

– Moshé Elimelech, Dad (@mosheelim)


  1. Mary Minter says:

    Beautiful words of wisdom!

  2. Rony Herz says:

    Very touching and moving.
    Such smart and practical insights.
    I passed it on to our Karate teacher who talks – almost every class – about respecting our parents and spending as much time as possible with them trying to learn from them and show them our respect and love.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Robby Benson says:

    Shelli and Moshe are two of the greatest humans on this planet. Both are so talented; so loving. I love their “life-lessons”. Thank you for sharing their words of wisdom.

  4. Ann Benson Segal says:

    What a perfect tribute to your parents, who deserve it. My love for them and for you and Dena is overflowing,

  5. They both have provided amazing pieces of advice. I have always wanted to travel to a few other countries, but not many. My primary choice is to go to Australia. The older I get the more I appreciate learning about other cultures.

    As far as seizing every opportunity, that’s definitely sound advice. I always have my senses open and ready to learn about more opportunities. It has served me well throughout my life. Since I have the most amazing sunsets right out my office window, I make sure to view them as often as I can.

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