How To Start a Blog the Right Way

October 27, 2020

October 27, 2020

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I’ve only been blogging for a little over a year, but I have learned so much! I knew I didn’t know every single thing I needed to going in, but I had no idea how much there was to learn… and still left to learn! The information in the blogging industry is practically endless.

However, looking back, there are some important factors that I wish I could’ve known before I started. So, I’m here to give you easy access to those key components to help you start this new path. Trust me when I say these tips will help you and are sure to guide you towards long-term success.

Find Your “Why”

Passion is the number one key to running a successful blog, and it’s the first thing you should consider when you start your journey. Finding my niche seemed impossible at the start; it took me a whole year to find my true “why”. What helped me when I was struggling with this was to ask my friends and family what field they saw me as an “expert” in; many of them pointed out how they greatly admired my style choices, and voila! Here I am today with a website that is working for me, rather than against me.

Invest in Yourself (the right way!)

It’s true that investing in yourself can be a game changer and that taking online marketing courses is an awesome way to learn and excel. But, starting a blog shouldn’t drain your bank account; this can lead to all sorts of messy issues! Setting a monthly budget on what you’ll put towards your site (taking courses, a blog theme, products, etc.) and sticking to it will alleviate a lot of pressure and can help you stay on the right track in the process. And don’t forget, there are many fantastic resources out there that are free!

Serve Your Audience

Running a blog can seem very glamorous, especially if your site consists of professional-looking photos of your personal highlight reel. However, many bloggers get sucked into this mindset and believe that running their site to be all about them will make them an overnight success. This is really only the case for bloggers who have already built an audience and an established brand, and even then they still need to focus on their viewers interests. Your readers visit your website to see what they can get out of it; basically to see what you can offer them. So, building a site around your target audience and focusing on how you can deliver is very important. 

Keep the Right Intentions

A very common blogging misconception is that people go into the career for quick fame and fortune. Sure, some do, but, how many renowned bloggers do you know that went in with this mindset? Many don’t realize that neither is the case. It’s so important to go in with the right intentions or you will get discouraged very quickly and won’t enjoy the experience. Running a website takes a lot of time and effort and it can take a very long while to see results, especially as the blogging world continues to become more and more concentrated and competitive. You truly get out of it what you put in. If you start with the right intentions and keep a tunnel-vision mindset, you’re on the path to success.   

Stay on Top of Content

There have been several times where I have actually been half asleep and I forced myself to roll over and write down the topic that just came to my mind. Keeping a list of things that inspire you and possible topic ideas can really help keep you afloat on the content boat (see what I did there?). As I mentioned before, finding a niche that works for you is vital and it can benefit you here as well; content ideas will flow much more easily if it’s a topic that you’re truly passionate about. 

I hope these tips have given you a new perspective on the blogging world and encourage you to start the right way! If you implement and hold onto these components, you’ll be unstoppable!

Wishing you the best of luck on this new journey, friend!

(P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message on my Instagram!)


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