Full-Length Mirrors

August 27, 2020

August 27, 2020

My all time favorite piece in my room is my full-length floor mirror in the corner of my room. Full-length mirrors add an openness to the room, yet at the same time are the perfect detail to help fill it. As someone who is very involved in fashion and home decor, this was an item I didn’t know I needed until I purchased it. A full-length mirror can either be hung or can rest against the wall, and I think they look best when leaning against the wall in a corner of the room. I’ve included some of my favorites below: 

West Elm Metal & Wood

This is the one I picked out for myself! I thought it was perfect because I have a lot of wood accents around my room and I love how it complements the cream, grey and white colors as well.

Crate and Barrel Edge Brass Arch (5 colors)

A very classic, minimal style, this mirror will go well in pretty much every room. The arch shape will add a little extra style to any space.

Urban Outfitters Safi

I usually lean towards classic styles, but this asymmetrical mirror always catches my eye. I love the unusual, yet contemporary style that can so boldly pull a room together.

Naomi Home Rustic (3 colors)

This rugged, natural, thick-framed mirror is sure to draw attention. It’s so perfectly minimal yet eye-catching, and would fit very well in any rustic space.


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