Fall to Winter Coats + Jackets

December 1, 2020

December 1, 2020

Sherpa Coat (bought second hand, similar here, here, here and here) || Tan Sweater || Blue Jeans (sold out, similar here)

Back to our regularly scheduled programming!

These last couple weeks have been so crazy, but in the best ways.?And wedding planning has already been in full swing! Daniel and I are trying to find a venue ASAP because everywhere is getting fully booked since so many couples pushed their weddings from 2020 to 2021… wish us luck!

I?ve been really loving this chilly weather and have enjoyed pulling out my warmer pieces to wear around the house or when running errands. Although, I never enjoy watching the sun go down at 4 PM – yuck!

I don?t often wear coats because it really doesn?t get too chilly here in SoCal, but I recently bought this one second hand and have been absolutely loving it.

I?ve been pairing it with neutral tops, blue jeans and my favorite loafers.

Below are some coats and jackets and to keep you warm, too, wherever you are!


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