A Daily Self-Care Checklist

November 5, 2020

November 5, 2020

I don?t know about you, but my moments of self-care are the highlights of my days! This last week has been crazy stressful, not to mention the last eight months that we?ve spent quarantined.

I think it’s so important to treat yourself every single day to some natural serotonin by doing what brings you joy and what puts a smile on your face.

I?ve created a checklist of five daily practices that are sure to lift your spirits.

Have a Laugh

I always like to delve into something lighthearted when I?m feeling stressed or anxious. Whether it be a good book, a funny show or a silly movie, little smiles and bursts of laughter can turn my whole day around. Charlie Chaplin said it best: ?A day without laughter is a day wasted!?

Write in Your Journal

If you?ve been following along for a while, I?ll be sounding like a broken record. But, that?s because journaling is absolutely amazing and I will never stop recommending it! It?s one of those ?don?t knock it till you try it? activities, and I highly recommend you try it when you get the chance.

Take a Mindful Stroll

Getting a little exercise and feeling the sun?s warmth on my face never fails to brighten my day. Just a fifteen-minute stroll with my pup where I can focus on my surroundings without any distractions (that?s right, put that phone away!) is a necessity for me.

Lean on Your Loved Ones

Don?t hesitate to reach out to a parent or best friend, even if you just want to chat. A quick PSA: That?s what friends and family are for! To be there for you and to lift you up. Never forget your amazing support group!

Focus on the Positives

In funky times like these, it can be difficult and even strange to focus on positives; I know I?ve felt kinda guilty at some points. But, it?s in these times that we need to hone in on what brings us joy. It?s important not to take any good thing in your life for granted!?

What’s your favorite self-care practice? Let me know in the comments!


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