10 Things That Brought Me Joy This Past Week

May 19, 2020

May 19, 2020

I’ve heard many say this, and I can’t agree more, that quarantine can have some really great highs but then instantly drop to some pretty bad lows. This last week was probably the hardest one for me yet, but I’m not one to sulk about it for too long – I know this next week will be better! To help this mindset along, I decided to recall 10 things that brought me joy in the last week. This is a great exercise for everyone, no matter how your week went; it really makes you appreciate what you have. 

#1: Baked Goods Gift Exchange

My friends and I all decided to have a social-distanced baked goods gift exchange! We all made home-cooked treats that we enjoyed while conversing (all while strictly following COVID-19 restrictions, of course). It was the perfect pick me up for all of us!

#2: I Started and Finished a Great Book

Things You Save in a Fire is a book that I have been meaning to read for a long time, and I finally got to do it! I had no idea it was a romance novel, but it was definitely a great read. You can find the book here!

#3: I Was Reminded How Great my Loved Ones Are

This week was harder than most, and I turned to my loved ones for comfort. I am constantly reminded in these times that I am surrounded with truly the sweetest, most wonderful people who are always there for me.

#4: I Learned a New Cardamom Bun Recipe

If you know me, you know my obsession with cardamom buns! I searched the internet for a recipe that yields a batch of those really big cardamom buns, as opposed to the smaller knots I’ve been making, and I found a great recipe that tasted absolutely delicious!

#5: I Started My Sourdough Journey

This has definitely been a trend during quarantine and I’m excited to be on the bandwagon! If you don’t know how this process works, in a nutshell, you feed flour and water into a jar each day, essentially indefinitely, and are able to make a loaf of sourdough bread from this “starter”. I’ll be making my first loaf in a few days and I’m so excited!

#6: I Had My First Interview Published

I was approached by VoyageLa Magazine a little while ago to talk about Why She Glows for their “Inspiring Local Stories” section, and the interview published today! It was such a great opportunity that I’m so thankful for. Check it out here!

#7: I Got to Interview Someone who Inspires Me

Now on the flip side, I got to be the interviewee, and for someone who has inspired me for a long time! In this interview here, I got to talk to Kiersten Rich, a girl who makes her living traveling the world. As someone who is working towards this as well in the near future, talking to her was such a privilege!

#8: I Enjoyed Family Trivia and Book Club

Bi-weekly, I spend my mornings and afternoons on Zoom playing rounds of trivia with Daniel and his family, and then afterwards discussing the latest book club choice with my girlfriends! I look forward to them every other Sunday and they really are the perfect activities to end the week.

#9: I Learned a Family Recipe

My dad makes the best Mediterranean couscous dish on the planet, and I finally got to step in and learn how to make it firsthand! I’ve been wanting to learn this recipe for a while and am so glad I we finally got the time to to it together.

#10: I Celebrated 2.5 Years Together with Daniel

It’s not a huge milestone, but we’re one of those sappy couples that takes half-years into consideration. We’re of course sad we couldn’t be together for it, but we watched The Office on Netflix Party and chatted the night away.

What has brought you joy this past week? Let me know in the comments below!


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